Romantic Ways To Propose..

Who wouldn’t want their “Big Day” to be special? You can’t risk making any mistakes on this special day, can you? Alongside being nervous and jumpy, you’re anxiously hoping for the best. Well, don’t worry, be happy! Here’s a list of different ways you could propose without failing!

Romantic getaway


  • Go to Disney world. When it’s time for the parade, pop the question.
  • Take her to Hawaii. When she gets off the plane, surprise her with some girls holding a sign saying “Will you marry me?"
  • Take her to a beach vacation in the Caribbean and build a sandcastle together, when she isn't looking, place the ring on the highest tower.                                            

Techie proposals

  • Make her desktop picture a picture of yourself holding a sign saying “Will you marry me? “
  • Rent her favorite movie and switch the DVD with a DVD of yourself asking her to marry you.      

Food to the rescue 

  • Freeze the ring inside an ice cube. Surprise her by making her favorite drink and wait for her to find the ring inside.
  • Bake her cupcakes with the ring in one of them.
  • Make her a special breakfast in bed and have it delivered to her with the ring placed in the center along with a card asking her to marry you.                                                    

Think out of the box ;)

  • Have somebody make a special delivery of a puppy in a small box. Attach the engagement ring to the puppy’s neck. Then ask her to marry you.
  • Gift her an enormous box which has a series of smaller boxes. When she finally gets to the smallest box, surprise her with an engagement ring inside!
  • Play Hangman and have the phrase read “Will You Marry Me?"
  • Send your girl on a treasure hunt that ends with your proposal. Make sure you start with a clue at home like a handwritten note or text message that leads to a tour of her favorite spots all over town.                                             

Use one of these ways and your girl will surely say yes! But hey, don’t forget the main part, THE RING!


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